Never Hire A Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer Who Does These Things

mississippi personal injury lawyer


Trying to hire a lawyer for an injury case in Mississippi is not a simple task. With so many options available, choosing the right one is not a guarantee. The best way to ensure your chances of finding a gem would be to cross any attorney who does these things off your list of possibilities.

Acting In A Cheesy Commercial

You have probably seen the cheesy, campy ads that some lawyers place in an attempt to appeal to potential clients. They generally have fun taglines and acting that seems to fit one of those late-night B movies.

If you see a Mississippi personal injury lawyer you are considering in one of these, you should eliminate them immediately. Great legal eagles have no need to place these kind of ads in order to garner attention, so it is likely the representation that’s offered is sub par.

Failing To Return Your Calls

Lawyers are very busy people, but that does not mean they are exempt from answering phone calls from clients. There is something inherently wrong with someone who never answers calls, and it should be viewed as a red flag.

Considering the fact that mobile devices are so popular these days, there is no excuse for someone to be ignored. Walk away from any lawyer who is impossible to get in touch with.

Refusing To Put Everything In Writing

From the work they plan to offer to the amount of money they are planning to charge for services, lawyers are supposed to give clients a written contract. This will ensure that you get what you were promised at the rate you were offered and there is no switcheroo involved. In the event that a lawyer tells you there is no way to offer anything in writing, walk away and do business elsewhere.

Handing You Off To A Junior Associate

When you are meeting with a lawyer, always ask if they are the one that will be handling your case. It is common for senior lawyers to meet with clients then hand the case to someone with less experience. You do not want to meet with a lawyer and hire them based on the consultation, then you don’t mesh well with the person they give you case to.

If you have a personal injury case that needs to be handled, hiring the best lawyer around is essential. This one has never failed us: Diaz Law Firm 208 Waterford Square, Suite 300 Madison, MS 39110 (601) 607-3456. Make sure that anyone you decide to work with does not display any of the above mentioned behaviors.

Advice from Melbourne Accident Lawyers

motor vehicle accident lawyersIf you or someone you care about has been impacted by a fatal or severe car or motorcycle accident then you need to contact a friendly Melbourne accident lawyer. They will provide you with all of the information that you require so that you know everything about your legal options and rights. The team of qualified lawyers also are experienced in handling negligent death cases. This type of case can cause considerable grief and shock to a person’s family and friends. The survivors therefore can turn to a motor vehicle accident lawyer for comfort and proper legal advice.

These lawyers are among firms that were founded as early as 1963. These law firms have a history of significant verdicts for families who have had a member killed by another person’s negligence or for people who have been injured in an accident. Many of the legal cases that they have been involved in are now precedent in other states. In fact, some of the cases have actually changed local law.

These firms provide free consultation and it should be noted that they work on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee basis means that there will be no fees paid until a settlement has been made. If the law firm cannot recover any money then the client will not be charged. The law firm includes a team of experienced attorneys, legal assistants, and top-notch investigators. The entire team at this law firm are well-known for their dedication to provide a successful and effective representation.

They understand the importance of putting together an effective case for trial if necessary. They are always prepared to bring in specialists and experts in whatever field to help with any of the persuasive legal arguments. However, most importantly is the fact that they are willing to truly listen to their clients. They will spend whatever time is necessary to listen to their clients questions and then provide them with various legal options as they develop an effective strategy.

The teams of quality lawyers wants to be known as the leader in wrongful death and personal injury litigation in Melbourne. Their first priority is towards their clients needs, but they are also concerned about their clients rights in regards to various types of negligence and accidents. If you or anyone that you care about has been injured because of negligence from someone else then you need to give this law firm a try.

Settlements Are Reached Both In And Out Of Court

courtroom settlementsHave you been awarded a court settlement before? Maybe you’ve been on the other end of the deal, where you’ve been subject to paying a settlement due to a civil court judgment. That has happened to me before for sure when I was younger, and it wasn’t any fun. There are also court settlements due to personal injury cases and all kinds of other court settlements and judgments.

If a settlement is reached, that means the case is resolved of course. Naturally, a case doesn’t even have to go to court in order to be settled. That’s why you often hear about cases getting settled out of court, especially personally injury cases. The case may be heading to court, but that takes time, and attorneys can turn on the heat so to speak. If you get the right attorney when seeking out a court settlement, you might be able to settle quickly.

Then there are those times where the judge imposes the settlement instead of the two sides coming up with a figure. Also, sometimes a court settlement can be more than just about the money. There can be other terms and obligations for the defendant in a case. Usually when you hear the word settlement, however, you think of a financial settlement.

Some financial settlements are pretty steep, even millions of dollars, and there can be multiple defendants. That has become quite common in the digital age, with plaintiffs banding together for a class action lawsuit for one reason or another. That’s not to make those cases and settlements look bad, but it’s just the observation that those cases are quite common and spread through mail and digital mail these days. Have you been part of one of those cases and received compensation from a court settlement?

Construction Litigation Help


The construction industry is wide service sector that requires different contractors to serve in different capacities this may include; electricians, plumbers, floor guys, cabinet guys, and handymen. To be able to choose the best contractor for your project it’s recommended you ask for help from a construction litigation attorney. A good attorney will help you choose a contractor who they believe can deliver and have a vast track record in finishing his duties as required by law.

It’s imperatively very wrong for a professional construction litigation attorney to refer or accord his friends favor by praising his worthiness yet he has been involved with dubious activities. It professional to refer your clients to a contractor; with the visible track record in doing business in this industry.

Other than that, there are several factors that any construction litigation attorney should consider before referring any contractor to their clients, that is; attorney should always scrutinize any contractor to know how long he has been in this industry, that is; his achievements in field, his relationship with the business community around him, since its very hard for him to do shoddy jobs within the area of residence and the most important how long has he been in the construction industry. Sometimes it’s also crucial to check the type of license and accolades he has; this will enable you to give correct and meaningful advice to clients.

There are many licenses that contractors are required by law to have one of them is commercial general liability insurance, its crucial to have this insurance cover to posses, it ensures personal injuries and property damage at the place of work is catered for no matter the magnitude of the injury or damage. You should always think of workers and other properties around your project to avoid construction litigation processes which might increase you construction budget tremendously; the law requires every contractor comply with the minimum state and contractor’s licensing law requirements.

Make A Strong Legal Argument For What You Want In Family Court

Family courts violate virtually every maxim of fairness, fair play, and equal rights. Its results rely on the whims of judges; and they’re influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that don’t ‘go along’ with it. A father should never leave himself wholly at the mercy of the family court’s judges and lawyers. Among other things, he should know how to make his argument powerful.

To stand up for himself and his children against the unconstitutional and anti-father nature of family court proceedings, a father must make his case in a powerful legal way. Doing so will help him defeat the antagonistic agenda against him and to create legal ramifications for the bad judgments and bad behavior of the judge, lawyers and opposition he’ll most likely confront in family court.

What is a legal Argument?

It’s exemplified in ‘case law’. The written opinions of Appeal Courts judges justifying their judgments on appealed cases they rule on is case law. For each particular ‘case’ he adjudicates (rules upon) the appeals judge explains his judgment on the appeals case by correlating the facts of that case as established in the trial with existing law (i.e. statute, procedural, and other case law) to justify his judgment.

His written argument correlating the case facts with existing law hopefully will produce a wise judgment. If necessary, Appeals Court judges will extrapolate beyond previous justifying laws to produce a new precedent – i.e. new case law – on how such facts should suggest an appropriate judgment.

A key point for fathers to know is that the lower court (i.e. family court and other trial courts) judges are supposed to make their judgments consistent with prevailing case law. And that’s what fathers should aim for when they make their arguments to the judge.

Make a powerful legal argument for your case

The books of case law account for most of the books in law libraries. It’s those books which a lawyer peruses to find ‘law’ i.e. case law that will justify – to the trial judge – that the facts of the case put forth by his client should justify a preferred judgment (or order) that the lawyer wants the trial judge to make. Again, that’s because trial judges are supposed to make judgments (and orders) consistent with existing- and the latest- case law.

So a legal argument that a father should make is an argument in favor of his desired outcome (i.e. judgment) which is constructed of an advantageous correlation of the facts of his case with existing law (case law or statue law). And that law favors his outcome and undermines that of the opposing litigant. This argument also relies on proving the truth of those facts and the relevance of the law it uses.

So persuading the court – the family court judge – of the facts, the law, and their correlation is paramount in fashioning your ‘legal argument’ to strongly influence him towards your desired judgment (or order) from him. It also lays the foundation against him if you want to appeal his judgments.

You make your legal argument to the judge all the way through you the court process. And you do it both in what you say to the judge and what you write. This takes place when you speak your case at hearings – motion hearings, evidentiary and contempt hearings – and at your divorce or paternity trial, and, ultimately, when you appeal a bad family court judgment to the Appeals Court.

Take action to protect yourself

Fathers should not remain ignorant of the law – and its perversions in family court – as they give over their case solely to their lawyer or throw themselves on the mercy of the family courts. They should realize that the system has targeted them to lose their children and then be deprived of the rest of their constitutional rights.

A father must learn to fight his case to help protect himself and his children from the family court’s abusive system. He owes it to himself, his children and to freedom.