Never Hire A Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer Who Does These Things

mississippi personal injury lawyer


Trying to hire a lawyer for an injury case in Mississippi is not a simple task. With so many options available, choosing the right one is not a guarantee. The best way to ensure your chances of finding a gem would be to cross any attorney who does these things off your list of possibilities.

Acting In A Cheesy Commercial

You have probably seen the cheesy, campy ads that some lawyers place in an attempt to appeal to potential clients. They generally have fun taglines and acting that seems to fit one of those late-night B movies.

If you see a Mississippi personal injury lawyer you are considering in one of these, you should eliminate them immediately. Great legal eagles have no need to place these kind of ads in order to garner attention, so it is likely the representation that’s offered is sub par.

Failing To Return Your Calls

Lawyers are very busy people, but that does not mean they are exempt from answering phone calls from clients. There is something inherently wrong with someone who never answers calls, and it should be viewed as a red flag.

Considering the fact that mobile devices are so popular these days, there is no excuse for someone to be ignored. Walk away from any lawyer who is impossible to get in touch with.

Refusing To Put Everything In Writing

From the work they plan to offer to the amount of money they are planning to charge for services, lawyers are supposed to give clients a written contract. This will ensure that you get what you were promised at the rate you were offered and there is no switcheroo involved. In the event that a lawyer tells you there is no way to offer anything in writing, walk away and do business elsewhere.

Handing You Off To A Junior Associate

When you are meeting with a lawyer, always ask if they are the one that will be handling your case. It is common for senior lawyers to meet with clients then hand the case to someone with less experience. You do not want to meet with a lawyer and hire them based on the consultation, then you don’t mesh well with the person they give you case to.

If you have a personal injury case that needs to be handled, hiring the best lawyer around is essential. This one has never failed us: Diaz Law Firm 208 Waterford Square, Suite 300 Madison, MS 39110 (601) 607-3456. Make sure that anyone you decide to work with does not display any of the above mentioned behaviors.